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Eating healthy is the best prevention.

It is not expensive to maintain health.

Only RM2.87 per day,

your healthier body.


Why Choose Youme Grains?


Convenient and time saving

​​​​​​​Youme grain only

[3 minutes] brewing is ready to drink

It is convenient for you to work outside and school kids.

Health can be very simple!

Take Care Youe Whole Family Member Healthy

​​​​​​​Youme Grains contains [18 organic grains] +

Goat milk formula], rich in nutrients,

Let you stay healthy while you are busy!

Good to drink and healthy

When you drink Youmi Grain, you will feel [Rich Grain Scent]

Plus [Goat Milk Recipe], it will be smoother and more delicious!


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Choose Youme Grains and let your stomach to smile :)

Whole grains are the favorite of health-care people, because there are many benefits to eating miscellaneous grains.Eating whole grains in daily health is especially good for the body, not only to supplement the needed nutrients,It can also prevent diseases and make your body healthier, so don't underestimate the whole grains.Want to know what are the grains and the whole grains? Then let's take a look!

Benafit Grains


Why choose goat milk formula?

Goat milk is the milk of sheep, which is rich in nutrients. The advantages of easy absorption and so on are regarded as the fine products in dairy products, and are called "the king of milk". It is the world's most recognized dairy product that is closest to human milk. The fat granule volume of goat milk is one-third of milk is more conducive to human body absorption, and long-term drinking of goat milk will not cause weight gain...

Benefit Goats Milk

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Change all kinds of flavors you love



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