Why choose goat milk formula?​​​​​​​

      The benefits of Goat Milk

      Page 258 in ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’  stated that:goat milk is warm and non toxic, beneficiary to organ, replenish energy, rejuvanate kidney, heart, gastrointestinal and lung, cure tiredness, nourish hair and skin.​

      Goat milk is regarded as best food among dairy foods because of the high nutritional value and high absorption rate. It is known as ‘King of the milk’. It’s content is nearly same as breastmilk. The fat globule of goat milk is 3 times smaller than cow milk, and it is easily to be absorbed. It will not cause weight gain.

      The protein, fat, mineral contents in goat milk is higher than cow milk. Whereas lactose content is lower than cow milk. Expert recommends people with allergy, gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory inflammation or weak immunity should take goat milk. The vitamin and mineral content in goat milk is higher than cow milk. In the United States and some countries in Europe, goat milk is regarded as a nutritional food. The price of fresh goat milk in Europe is 9 times expensive than cow milk.


Below is the summary of the benefits of goat milk.

  • Goat milk is the king of milk. [there are a lot of benefits of goat milk in Compendium of Materia Medica]    
  • Goat milk [high in nutrients], give you a [comprehensive nutrient].
  • Goat milk [does not cause weight gain], help you [maintain shape].
  • Goat milk [easily be absorbed], prevent bloating problem, [absorption rate 95%]

Now, you already know the benefits of goat milk, but you maybe will [worry about the astringency smell of goat milk ].

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