The origin of Janice . YouMeCo

      I am Janice, from an ordinary family. I have no higher education. I started working after I graduated from high school. When I got a family, I had a child, and faced the burden of life, At that time, I was unable to make ends meet every month and often worried about money. In order to earn more than one point of income, I started to work part-time as a pyramid scheme. It is really not easy for me to think about my two roles. I am busy every day, and my work, family and team can’t take care of it.So in 2004, I started to work full-time in MLM. This career taught me a lot of sales skills and how to cooperate with others. I have worked hard in the MLM industry for more than ten years, facing numerous ups and downs, changes in the company system, products. The problem of tons of goods, the issue of personnel on the line and the problems that the team can't develop, all of which reminds me of it. I don't know how to get out of the predicament today, maybe relying on a heart that I don't want to admit defeat! In 2015, I ended my MLM career. At that time, I started my business and tried the traditional business of opening a store. However, due to lack of experience, the entrepreneurship at that time was not successful, and of course I also faced the loss of failure! Although the entrepreneurial failure, I still have not given up the desire to succeed in business. I know that if I try to have a chance, I chose the health industry this time. I have more than 10 years of MLM health care experience. grasp! More confident in the health market! So two years ago, I rekindled the heart that I wanted to start a business!

      At the end of 2017, I decided to run a brand again. It is YOUMECO, YOU ME CO's explanation in words. YOU is ME. My CO is cooperate cooperation. YOU ME CO is a concept of cooperation with people. More people are willing to cooperate, enrich each other through resource integration, and a team will go the long way together!


Why choose grain as the first product of YOUMECO

      Many people ask me why I chose grain as the first product of YOUMECO? Choosing Youmi Grain Food Because this product is too real, it can really help everyone. Everyone knows that breakfast is very important, but how many people eat breakfast? In Malaysia, 30% of children go to school on an empty stomach. The breakfast of more people is too high calorie. The improper diet causes young people to become young and suffer from three highs. Through Youmi Grain, we can solve the problem that modern people are busy and have no time to prepare breakfast. Just a cup of warm water, you can have a nutritious drink in two minutes to supplement the six nutrients your body needs! I have a wish that everyone can be healthy, but not everyone has the ability to buy expensive health supplements, but as long as you drink the rice, you also add extra points for your health! With the least amount of money, everyone has the ability to add one more point to their health, and breakfast is an important part of life. As long as you cultivate this simple habit, you will inadvertently discover your own spiritual strength in the near future. Everything will get better and better!

       After this year, we have accumulated a lot of praise from customers. The most impressive thing is that  Esther, because of the fall of the spine, needs to walk on crutches, can't get out of bed when lying down, need daughter to hold I can get out of bed, because she can't go to work because of this problem. After a friend recommended, he started to work with Youme Grain. In just two months, his back injury is much better. Now he can go to work. I really feel very much. Happy, Esther has also become one of our excellent agents!

      The other one is Grace, who is from the cold. His younger son is very small, his appetite is not good and he is often sick. His friend recommended Youmi Grain to her. In just one month, the younger son became very appetizing and can eat normal weight. Now he is two kilograms more, the color is very beautiful, and he is no longer sick! Youme grain is really great, it can help children to spleen and stomach.


How to enter online marketing from traditional trading?

      Since we have traditionally traded healthy food for many years, we plan to sell the products directly.For businesses that have worked together, such as organic stores, pharmaceutical stores, medicinal stores, vegetarian restaurants. After half years of hard work, we also successfully cooperate with more than 100 businesses, but the problem is coming...YOU ME CO is a brand new brand, we only use 50,000 yuan to start a business, research and development.The product has almost used up all the funds, and there is no extra money to advertise, and the batch. The goods sent to the market are also based on the 30-day to 60-day account period, of course, without the effect of advertising. Next, our products, no matter how good the product will not have sales, when I want to go to the merchant to collect the account. Must face the business cold words "Your goods can not be sold, you take it back!" I can only I put the product off the shelf and looked at the dusty Umi grain. I thought, I must change it ! ! ! Good products can't be the result! How can I have no funds now?

       After constant thinking, I decided to abandon the traditional wholesale sale and transfer to the network of contacts channe! Of course, this decision also faces certain challenges because the product is not well known and rarely. People will be willing to become agents. I have repeatedly faced the rejection and cold water of countless people, but this has not moved.I told myself that I can't give up, as long as I believe there is hope, until June 2018 I once again introduced the product to a friend who is a micro-business, Karen, who wants to buy grain for women. Drinking, now because Youme Grain really touches her heart regardless of taste and nutritional value.She also believes that this product has a good opportunity in the micro-business market, so we started this way. Recruiting agent, we successfully recruited about 100 agents in just three months, we succeeded in one month. Selling 1600 boxes of Youme Grain, through this decision, we firmly believe that the strength of the team can make. The products are more well-known in the market. Today, our team has established more than 200 people agent, we will continue to work hard to lead more agents to join us.


How to build a team


      Because the network micro-business marketing model involves a lot of cooperation between people. Of course, the most important cooperation. The key to success is trust, tolerance and communication. When someone is willing to join us as an agent, it is phase. Believe that we can lead him to a better future, so we are scheduled every month and core agents .Meet and discuss, plan activities, solve problems, etc...

Once the team had an unpleasant thing, when a strong agent, sales to her
Words are not a problem, but people with good abilities can't manage their emotions without a good attitude.That is terrible, a small thing will become a big event, and even it will be different because of different opinions.The Secretary shouted and drank, not only did not listen to the explanation, but also made the problem more complicated, and finally the hard work.The established team will also collapse. I am very appreciative of people with good abilities but I appreciate it better.People, as long as they are willing to learn, they will attract more people to follow, so the attitude of the team more important than ability!

      Building a team is like washing up. People who join your team at first may not be accompanied. When you come to the end, after time baptism, things are running in, quarreling, and being able to tolerate each other.And understanding, but also can not forget the original heart, willing to advance for the same goal ideal to be true. Team and partner, all the way to today, someone left halfway, maybe because I can't see what she wants ideal, but I also thank you for coming, I am more grateful and cherish all the way to accompany me to stay today. I will always try to make us the brightest star!

      The team is like a home. There must be a culture of love and gratitude. This culture is the soul of the team. The biggest principle of our team is not to grab the line, not to cut the price, everyone supports each other, whether it is a product. Knowledge, customer feedback, and everyone has no self-interest to share resources with each other. I am very pleased.. Everyone can help each other like a family. Together, I am facing the common goal, that is, the most natural and healthy. Kang's Youmi Grain Food brings more families, the same goal "Yimi Chuan Wanjia"!

      I am very grateful to my partner for starting this road. He is responsible for behind-the-scenes strategy, company positioning and not. To develop, we trust each other and complement each other's deficiencies. He has always changed me and made me. The person who dared to dream, gave me the greatest encouragement, asked me to do things outside the comfort zone, and worry about it. And the things that are scared, all this makes me grow stronger, dare to challenge and overcome my inner fear, in fact. All fears and fears come from having no confidence in yourself. Just take the first step and do it well. Every step that comes, all things will be solved, and there is no difficulty in my own imagination, so this sentence. Deep in my mind, thinking is the problem, doing the answer, losing in hesitation, winning in action!
How much is the execution power , you will gain how much.

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